September 2004 - Tribute to Our City: Items #22a & 22b submitted by dave Herman

Items #22a & 22b submitted by dave Herman

"On August 21, 2004, I went down to the World Trade Center to join a group of people on a walk to Madison Square Garden. This walk was to serve as a symbol of the people’s disapproval of the use of September 11th as a campaign strategy during the Republican National Convention. I felt let down by our city’s representatives and needed to find a way to represent myself and other citizens like me. I sought to do this in a peaceful and law abiding way with more than 200 other people. We followed direction given by authorities, only to be trapped on the sidewalk, just steps away from ground zero. We were brought to holding cells on Pier 57 in order to contain us and prevent our statement. There, I was given these two rations of milk which were ironically imprinted with the date; SEPT 11."
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