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2005-2006 Board of Directors

Dave Herman - "President, Founder of the Museum"
"I feel that our great city has so many gifts to offer. It is not only our duty to seek out these gifts for ourselves, but also to offer something in return. I hope this civic organization can serve as an everlasting gift to the citizens of New York." Background; fine arts, experienced museum preparator, NYC tourguide, CDL truck driver, civic leader, FDNY firefighter candidate 2006.
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George Ferrandi - "Vice President of Operations"
George is an artist whose work is evidence of her broad talents and knowledge of diverse media. Her installations and drawings tenderly depict a cast of existential comic heroes. She was the founder of the Cloud Seeding Circus, a touring collaborative arts group. She has also applied her knowledge of materials to her own business, "Saints Alive" a statue restoration studio. George has been at the backbone of the City Reliquary since its inception in 2002. Her experience as a professor at the University of Florida taught her the ins and outs of academic bureaucracy which she is now putting to even better use at the Reliquary. To learn more about her restoration work, go to www.brooklynsaints.info
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Bill Scanga - "Vice President of Collections"
Bill's collection of E.T. figurines and vintage glassware set a standard in the Community Collections window that has yet to be exceeded. Bill is a master miniature craftsman, runs a woodshop in Williamsburgh, and is a practicing artist who was featured at the Brooklyn Museum's Grand Re-Opening exhibition in 2005. His skills also include knitting for taxidermy animals and trees, and restoring vintage bicycles. Bill is the standing president of the Brooklyn Civic Riders Bicycle Club. Stop by the Community Collections window anytime to see some of his handiwork.
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Nik Sokol - "Resident Geologist"
Nik became a friend of the CR after discovering the "New Yorkers' Geology" display. His first introduction included the donation of several astounding geological specimens. As a geologist, Nik has worked on the design and excavation for several monumental civil works essential to every New Yorker's daily life. Additionally, he has proven indispensable in the organization of CR events. He also has a mysterious history in bronze casting, indie-rock bands, and Slovakian diplomacy.
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Harley Spiller - "Resident Collector"
Harley is the Administrator of Franklin Furnace Archive, a Brooklyn non-profit arts organization. He's also known as "Inspector Collector," a freelance teacher at public and private schools throughout the city. Fellow Reliquarians assisted Harley in obtaining an official count of his Chinese menus which broke the Guinness World Record for "Largest Menu Collection." Selections from this same collection have been exhibited at the Museum of Chinese in the Americas, The Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas, Venezuela, The Queens Museum and elsewhere.

Leah Dilworth - "Resident Academic"
Leah is the Chair of the English Department at Long Island University in Brooklyn. She teaches Anthropology classes which focus on collecting. She is a published editor whose recent work includes, "Acts of Possession - Collecting in America." Leah was featured as the moderator of the panel discussion at "Collectors' Night." Leah is also an active member of the Transportation Alternatives board of directors. You can read Leah’s article about the Reliquary at the on-line journal, www.glowlab.com

Noah Budnick - "Civic Organizer"
Noah is a key note speaker for the civic organization "Transportation Alternatives," and serves as their full time Projects Manager. TA organizes the annual May "Bike Month," the biggest cycling event in the city. Noah is one of the city’s foremost advocates for cycling. His most recent achievement has been the removal of the dreaded "bumps" on the Williamsburgh Bridge's pedestrian and bicycle path.

Jesse James Arnold - "Master of Technologies"
Jesse is wholly responsible for the cityreliquary.org website. In addition he has been the resident digital photographer of CR events for 2 years and running. Any technical and/or computer-related materials have been made possible through the voluntary actions of Mr. Jesse James Arnold. Jesse has also been on the ground floor of the WCRM radio project since the earliest days of its conception prior to free103point9's involvement. His knowledge of technologies and music work hand in hand as a crucial element which made the Citizen's Radio Music show a possibility.
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Mindy Abovitz – "WCRM Hostess"
Mindy has hosted her own radio programs on pirate and public radio stations in Florida and New York and is currently studying radio production. Mindy has a predilection for making audio documentaries with her digital recorder and serves as an all around source of good energy wherever she goes. She also plays a mean drumbeat in the band she founded, "More Teeth." Mindy is also a co-founder of "The Woodser," a house-show venue for popular local musicians.
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Cal Patch - "VP of Seams"
Cal is an expert crocheter. She has years of experience working as a designer for several famous fashionable clothiers, and her own store in the Lower East Side, "Patch 155". She was also a founding member and current instructor of "MAKE Workshop," a craft school for hip New Yorkers who want to knit while on the train or crank out a new pair of shoes in their spare time. She sells her own line of clothing called "Hodge Podge" at many locations throughout the city. Cal created the now famous City Reliquary Sash.

Will Pappenheimer - "Technical Consultant"
Will is the Professor of Electronic Intermedia in the Art Department of Pace University and a constant contributor and problem solver for our electronic needs. Will also answers countless questions directed to him as a resident living behind the City Reliquary windows.

David "Scout" McQueen - "Strategic Consultant"
As an independant and unbiased agent, Scout is an integral part of all important Reliquary decisions. He is also an exhibiting artist of kinetic sculpture and miniature environments. If you pledge to become a CR member at the $1,000 Lady Liberty level, you will have the honor of experiencing Scout's superior culinary skills (as declared by Borough President Marty Markowitz at the 2005 Brooklyn Cheesecake Taste Test.)












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